3D Printing for students @ Mercy

We are happy to introduce 3D Printing to the students of Mercy College. The service is offered free of charge at the Dobbs Ferry Campus Library. You may choose to create your own 3D object or email us a link to the model you want printed. If you chose to create your own file  It must be “.stl” format. All requests can be submitted to (3dprinting@mercy.edu). After submission we will check the file for printability and we will notify you when the object is ready for pickup.

Timelines for printing will vary based on a number of factors such as: size, density (plastic to air ratio) and fine details of the model. Colors change on a regular basis, if you have a specific color requirement please make sure to include the requested color in your submission.

3D models can be created using a design website such as tinkercad.com or downloaded directly from repositories such as: thingiverse.com, youmagine.com or myminifactory.com.

We currently have nine 3D printers available in the library makerspace:

  • Makerbot Repicator 2
  • Makerbot Repicator 2+
  • Two Makerbot Z18’s
  • Flashforge Creator Pro
  • Dremel 3D idea printer
  • Lulzbot mini
  • Lulzbot Taz
  • Form Labs Form2 Resin Printer


Please feel free to email us a 3dprinting@mercy.edu or stop by the library with any questions you have about the 3D printing process.


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